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The Maze Runner is the name of a science fiction film that was released back in 2014. This film takes place in the future where the world has been destroyed by a plague that has turned billions of people into a zombie like creatures. However, the main star, Thomas, is put into an isolated community of young male teens and kids that must survive a strange maze like arena to stay alive. This story sets the stage for the second installment in the series which is known as the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

The characters in the Maze Runner are placed inside of an open outside area known as the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by huge stone walls on all sides. The group of young boys and teens must send out people every day to navigate the maze to find a way to escape. Sometimes the young males must go to the Maze during the night. This is the most dangerous time to visit the maze because the large spider like creatures known as the Grievers are present.

Some of the runners are stung by the Grievers and when they come back to the camp they try to get rid of Thomas and some of the other members of the group. Thomas is sent out to the Maze at one point during the movie and he manages to navigate the structure with his companions and a teen named Minho. Thomas becomes friends with Minho who will go on to help him in the future films of the series.

Minho and Thomas eventually find a way out of the Maze but things really start to heat up at the boy’s camp. A girl named Teresa is eventually thrown into the maze. This is unusual for this group because all of the participants up until this point have been boys. Teresa’s presence is a game changer for the guys and she helps them to get one step closer to escaping the death trap.

Meanwhile some Grievers attack the camp killing quite a few of the boys. Some of the guys in the camp wants to harm Thomas because they blame him for the deaths and they notice how things changed once he arrived. Thomas has to fight Gally, his main antagonist in the camp. Thomas survives the attack but ends up stabbing himself with a dead stinger.

Thomas regains his memory and tells the others that they are in the maze because of an experiment that is being done on them.

Gally does not want to believe him nor does he care. He eventually takes command of the camp and forces Thomas and his friends to die in the maze so he can restore the order. However, the group of teens that were sent into the maze survive the ordeal. They also find a way to escape.

Once they are out of the maze and on their way to freedom, they realize that Gally has been following them. Gally makes one last attempt to kill Thomas and the others but he loses his life during the process. Now, Thomas and friends are being brought into another phase of the great experiment that they are involved in. This is where the Maze Runner ends and the Scorch Trials begin.

This movie is no longer in movie theaters but can be watched on DVD or Blu Ray Discs. It can also be downloaded on computers or mobile devices for viewing as well. When Maze Runner was being advertised for theaters back in 2014 it was shown through popcorn time movie trailers. Now, the film is being spread by word-of-mouth and by listings on web sites. It is also stocked in local libraries and on the shelves of some DVD rental stores.

The Maze Runner was given mixed reviews but the positive aspects of this film outweighed the negative. Overall, many people enjoyed this flick and its sequel the Scorch Trials. It did extremely well at the box office earning $348 million on a $34 million-dollar budget. The film series is expected to wrap up in 2018 with the release of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure.